UX E-Commerce Trends for 2020

UX E-Commerce Trends for 2020

All the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad know that user experience is an important quality criterion for any eCommerce website to grow and catch up quickly to wavering consumers attention. eCommerce websites have come a long way in terms of user experience. So, where are we heading in 2020? What will eCommerce websites look like 5 years from now? iBridge, the best social media marketing company in Hyderabad brings you trends to watch out for in a fast-paced online world of 2020 & beyond.

Era of Mobile

Web designs were responsive and adaptive, generally created for a desktop version that could also be mobile devices compatible. This was the trend for many past years for many digital marketing services in Hyderabad offering web design & development services. Now, the tables have turned. Majority of online shoppers rely on just the mobile version of online shopping with payment modes made easy. Because of this, companies had to shift their focus to ensure they’re making the most out of their business potential. This change means, the e-commerce websites now will be made for mobile-first and only adapt to larger screens. In the coming years, we’ll see more mobile-friendly eCommerce themes such as long scrolling pages, card-like layouts, and finger-friendly icons.

Interactive animations

2020 will be the year for animations, cool buttons, icon rotations, and animated loading bars & innovative interactions in eCommerce mobile websites that help shoppers navigate quickly by simply swiping or tapping. The homepage will likely feature repeating animations made in GIF format to serve home page banners and background images. 

Striking colours

Minimalism and white spaces ruled the charts for the past few years in the E-commerce Design Trends. 2020 will showcase designers from web development & digital marketing services in Hyderabad experimenting more on bold bright colours that will make a website pop, create attractive aesthetics thereby creating engagement through intelligent use of colours and bring a positive shopping experience. 2020 is the year for eye-catching colourful homepages with more texture in striking colours coupled with neutral backgrounds. big typography and interesting navigational aids.


The personalized shopping experience is the current demand of all users thus making space for chatbots with artificial intelligence into e-commerce. These digital assistants will help bring valued customers, answer customer queries, help with purchase decisions, offering discount codes, and delivering shipping notifications. 

Brand story

This year we will see various design approaches that showcase a great brand story to build an emotional connection with their customers, earn credibility and trust. This approach makes an e-commerce business stand out from the crowd. The main focus would be on highlighting a brand’s humble beginnings, passion for the product/service and highlighting solutions to the customer’s problem.

Security is key

Dell Security Annual Threat reported that malware attacks nearly doubled to 8.19 billion & Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation reports suggest 89% of cyber attacks in the past few years. This has pushed businesses to start improving their security measures. Virus from free music downloads, movies and applications are common culprits, but nowadays fraudsters try ways to hack through email, social media, and even eCommerce sites. eCommerce websites will be embracing HTTPS encryption to improve security and increase their customer’s confidence when online shopping.

A good eCommerce website constitutes of eye-catching design that’ll impact users with engaging visual content in a more defined manner. Experienced, proficient, and professional companies providing web development and social media marketing services in Hyderabad can help achieve this goal. Listed above are the trends that will be dominating the design world in 2020 and If your brand is utilizing these trends, it will indirectly encourage your profits. For 2020, eCommerce looks like an evergrowing market. The recent change of policies for eCommerce market places and regulations have allowed small vendors to get in touch with customers. Fast technological development toward making customers experience with the eCom-store better every day, has enabled small merchants to embrace the online market. Some brands decided not to sell their products on the marketplace and rather sell on their eCommerce platform. Some decided to stick with the eCommerce giants. There is no denial that eCommerce is fasted growing the industry and there is still a long road to go. One of the best ways to discover new trends is by keeping an eye on what your competitors are up to. As your closest competition adds new features, consider whether they’ll work for your customers and how you can implement changes in a better way. You want to keep up with others at a minimum to surpass user expectations. So, we wish every eCommerce website stays ahead of their game this year. Sceptical of doing it alone? Contact iBridge, the leader among web development & PPC services in Hyderabad & be the popular eCommerce website you wish to be.

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