Influence of Web Design on Branding and SEO

Influence of Web Design on Branding and SEO

Many small business owners/brands overlook web design when it comes to the marketing strategy of their brand. For someone working in the industry as one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad, we think web design is one of the most effective services you can utilize for branding. A great website expands the reach and reputation of a brand. But how? Read on to know…

Impact On SEO

A well-designed website will increase your likelihood of someone discovering your brand on the web. Our company providing web & digital marketing services in Hyderabad designs websites using “best practices” providing a better chance to lure Google bots, which determine website ranking. Many small businesses take the risk of designing a website by themselves which typically lacks the professional look and clear brand message compared to websites designed by a best social media marketing company in Hyderabad like ours. With a brand new logo and interface that’s clean, modern, and responsive, a website gains the benefits of best SEO and UX. 

Impact On Customer Conversion

If your website is well designed, your audience is more likely to find what they are looking for quicker, which enhances their user experience. It’s important to organise a website properly, like having a tab called “Contact,” display of social media icons, the logo on the left side of the page and having the navigation in the same place on every page. 

In a study titled, Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, researchers found that audiences trusted health websites depending on web design more rather than content. Here are some of the elements that were red flags for some of the participants:

  • Busy or complex layouts
  • Pop-up advertisements and flamboyant ads
  • Small print that’s hard to read
  • Boring web design/lack of colour
  • Slow website intros and load times

Impact On Branding

If you walk by a restaurant and it looks run down, outdated, and uninteresting, would you be interested in eating at that restaurant? You might want to have a dining experience at a place that looks brand new, organised and inviting. The same works for a website. Having a well put together website can boost your brand. Using colours and elements that match your print marketing can help the audience connect with your brand. Having a user-friendly website makes your audience feel confident in your services and more likely to reach out to you. This also increases their brand trust and likelihood for referral in the future. Your website directly reflects your branding. Research from QuickSprout indicates that 90% of all product assessments have to do with colour. So, use the right colours, and you win. Research suggests big font, red in colour, and bold is good for headlines, while the colour navy or blue develops a feeling of trust. Here are a few tips to help you make better design choices that affect your branding:

  • Women aren’t a fan of grey, orange, and brown. They prefer blue, purple, and green.
  • Men don’t prefer purple, orange, and brown. They like blue, green, and black.
  • Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products.
  • Orange creates a sense of impulse.
  • Black adds a sense of luxury and value. 
  • Bright primary colours are for a call to action. 
  • Red is the go-to colour for the highest conversion rate
  •  White is preferable for safe & timeless look

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that not all trending design practices are good for your branding & SEO. A trending design practice currently being employed by many web design & PPC companies in Hyderabad is a parallax design that features a single scrolling page that seems to go on forever. Users are liking it because they can continuously scroll through content and website owners like it because their users are happy and engaged. However, while users and website owners tend to be a fan of parallax, search engine crawlers don’t seem to be a fan of parallax. As the leading social media marketing services in Hyderabad, we know that typically algorithms are looking for traditional website structure. If your website doesn’t follow a fairly traditional structure, you may be raising a few red flags for the search bot. It’s important to understand the full impact of your website. It’s more than just a place on the internet. It’s an opportunity that should be taken advantage of. From SEO to branding, your website’s design can shape how your audience view your company. Your website can make or break you. So, invest in your company’s future and contact our best digital marketing company in Hyderabad for all your digital needs. 

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