Google Duplex – AI Chatbot

Google Duplex – AI Chatbot

Google’s shocking announcement in October 2018 introduced Artificial Intelligence enabled talking device functionality – Google Duplex.

What is Google duplex?
Google Duplex is a device functionality that helps establish a natural conversation with computers. Human has started working with computers for quite a high time now. They have long wished to talk to these devices. In this quest to communicate verbally with computers, man has introduced automated phone systems. The virtual assistants on our phones and the virtual- assistant powered speakers in our homes are examples of these automated phone functionalities. The IVR systems on these automated phone calls initiate communication with computer devices asking to press some numbers and get the concerned technical issue sorted. One of the major issues faced with these systems, as observed by Google is that the user has to adjust to the system, as against the expectations, of the system getting adjusted to the user.

Over and above these automated phone calls, are more becoming more disturbing and had to come down someday. Now, with the help of Google assistants in phones, the Google Duplex is believed to establish a normal human voice like a call to humans and make conversation on your behalf.
While its introduction, Google Duplex was supposed to start rolling out to Pixel phones from November 2019 in the majority of states in the US. According to Google’s support site for duplex, this functionality can be enjoyed with the help of Google assistance, in all the Android phones, having an android 5.0 version and above. And for IOS devices, you need to have the Google assistant installed into your phone, and process function remains the same.

What can a Google duplex do for you?
A recurrent neural network at the center of Google Duplex is a machine learning-enabled platform called TensorFlow Extend(TFX). With the help of this system, Google duplex can schedule an appointment by making a phone call and speaking on our behalf with a voice pretty much indistinguishable from that of a human being. So this functionality can best ease your work by taking up some of that busy work like make an appointment for you or check the hours of operation at any business.

Potential uses of Google duplex:
Any online booking systems, irrespective of small or large business can utilize this system. Like business with doctors, and lawyers, or any traveling agencies, that require scheduling clients online.

With all the beautiful usage statistics and functionalities, Google duplex is but at a point of concern regarding security issues. Many people have started expressing their security concerns regarding Google duplex. Besides being creepy at times, many people scare that a computer handling so much important business data is a question of data security? Furthermore, the people on the other side of the call talking to a computer, not even knowing the difference appears a little scary.
Google has cleared these insecurities by sharing the fact that, at the beginning of the call, Google assistant identifies itself and also states that the call is getting recorded, killing all the dots of concern.

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