Analyze 6 Elements to Land Better Conversion Rates

Analyze 6 Elements to Land Better Conversion Rates

Want to boost your website’s visibility and conversions? Then realize that no one format always works. To help you focus on the methodology to determine what works best for your brand, one of the best digital marketing companies in Hyderabad presents you with six factors that truly determine your site’s conversion rate. It’s called the L.I.F.T. Model for Marketing Optimization. Let’s get started:

Establish Your Value Proposition

Any customer will shell out their money for you when you establish the value of your brand. So, the value proposition is the most important factor in conversion. Every other factor that contributes to conversion either supports or detracts from this value. So before you even decide to establish your business, you must decide on a clear value proposition for your brand and learn how to communicate it.

Provide Relevant Content

Check if each landing page communicates what the visitor is expecting to see from that page. If a visitor clicks on a link expecting a video of a song and instead gets to see a blog about pets, they would probably move on.

Your page needs to communicate through texts and imagery about what your visitors are expected to see when clicking on the link.

Call to action

Most of the digital marketing agencies have trouble articulating the exact message they want to convey or fail to provide a call to action. So, it’s important to approach well-experienced companies like us who provide digital marketing services in Hyderabad for well-executed design and content. We offer our clients the perfect visual flow of the text and images that are easy to comprehend. When you run a beta test for your website, the result may say that its distracting and lacks clarity. In such cases, you could use imagery that increases the engagement of visitors online. A simple redesign may lead to a conversion rate lift.

Reduce Anxiety

Your brand needs credibility for a visitor to be less anxious and completing your call to action. A well-executed page that both looks and functions professionally goes a long way toward separating you from the competition. Anxiety can be created by anything on the page that creates uncertainty in the visitor’s mind about completing the call to action. In a few cases, the privacy policy message contributes to anxiety for people while filling out forms. A simple tweak like adding “We value your privacy” can reduce the sense of anxiety.


Your website needs to be mobile responsive. Optimize the site for the mobile visitor. Check if there is less content to scroll through. If navigation is easy and if visitors can tap on a phone number to make a direct call.

Minimize Distractions

Never squeeze too much content into each page. It’s too much for a visitor and makes them leave your website. Follow a clean, minimalist design. Follow internet best practices and rely on the L.I.F.T. framework for the highest conversion rate. You can apply this framework by opening one of your landing pages and looking for weaknesses in any of the following areas:

Value Proposition

Call to action





The Don’ts:

Avoid distractions like saturated colors and design elements that discourage visitors from staying on your website. Avoid automatically rotating message carousels that reduce conversion rates in most tests

Dated graphic designs reduce the company’s credibility.

Never have live chat offline in the middle of the workday which tells a lot about the company’s customer service promise.

If the headline went missing & no mention of the pay-per-click message then, it is a bad sign.

Avoid red-and-black combinations that create visual confusion. The logos of the company/brands that use the same color on top of one another without contrast and the gradient background treatment adds to the visual confusion.

So, here is the overview of all the steps from our digital marketing services company in Hyderabad for you need to fix 6 elements that land better conversion rate

Step 1: Run your landing page through the L.I.F.T. model

Step 2: Identify weaknesses

Step 3: Create a testing hypothesis to fix the weakness

Step 4: Run the test

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