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Hiring process is a step by step process of hiring a new employee. Many of the companies have their own hiring process. Hiring process involves the process of finding,selecting a new employee into the organization. Job postings may be newly formed or recently vacated. Some of the steps involved in hiring are –

  1. Identifying the hiring need – hiring process starts by identifying the need in the organization. This forms for filling a vacated position,better team management or for expanding the reach of organization tasks. The hiring process is to make economic
    sense of filling the position. When a key employee leaves the organization before hiring a new employee the employee produces enough revenue to cover the costs of recruiting the new employee.
  2. Device a recruitment plan.
  3. Creating job description based on the position – recognizing the job requirements on the basis of job description. The information includes roles and responsibilities & advantages of working for the company.
  4. Advertising – Job listing should be advertised internally through social media like facebook,twitter,instagram,linkedin. Internal hires could be the best for promotions that benefit manager,teams. Beyond recruitment by job postings, hiring staff should follow
    qualified candidates via linkedin & industry events.
  5. Recruiting the position
  6. Application screening – job applications arrive by social media platforms via an applicant tracking system. Hiring staff reviews resumes/cv based on criteria in the planning step. The qualified candidates are informed for the next steps beginning with a
    screening interview. The Review Process starts with a human resource representative by reviewing the applications & eliminating the candidates who do not meet the requirements of the company.
  7. Screening interviews- initial interviews go through phone calls with HR representatives. These interviews complete if applicants have the qualifications of the job & serve to further narrow the selection pool of candidates.
  8. Interviews – depending on the organization interviews are scheduled. Interviews may be conducted in formal or casual,onsite or off-site,may be via skype,google hangouts etc. each member of the hiring team focuses on a specific topic or aspect to avoid redundancy & ensure an in-depth conversation about the role,qualifications & experience. Interviewing should be regulated to make questioning equal & easily
  9. Applicant assessment – They measure a wide range of variables including personality traits,problem solving ability & more.
  10. Background check – background check review candidates criminal
    record,employment history & credit checks. Some big organizations also check social media accounts like twitter,facebook & more. Drug testing may also be warranted depending upon the nature of the job.
  11. Decision – after conducting background & reference checks hiring staff identifies their choice. Hiring staff confers & evaluates the applications of candidates on job experience,skills & talent assessments. Backup candidate selection & hiring process
    should be made.
  12. Reference check – conducting reference checks is another step into the recruitment process of bringing reliable & capable candidates into organisation. Reference checks should be verified by the candidate about previous employment,job performance,experience,workplace etc…
  13. Job offer – once a top candidate is identified the organization should extend it to an initial offer. Offer letters should include the position,salary,benefits,potential severance pay & other terms.
  14. Hiring – once a candidate accepts the offer they are hired. An offer letter begins the process of filling out related to employment. They include organizations’ employee handbooks. Check list with all paperwork completed by new employees.
  15. On boarding – onboarding is a crucial step in the hiring process. They involve making the new employee aware of the company before they join the organization.

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