Your essential guide to powerful link building in 2019

Your essential guide to powerful link building in 2019

Every business and brand wants to dominate the digital landscape and be at the top of the search results. While search engine optimization tactics and strategies are constantly evolving, the importance of link building has remained unchanged. Every brand or website targets ranking on top of   the search results but achieving the same requires a lot of effort over a period of time. More links mean more people are seeing your website, more eyes on your site mean more leads, and more leads means more conversions, and more conversions means more revenue . Links are the connections made when someone hyperlinks from their website back to your website. It’s a sign that someone thinks your content is good. Links have historically been an important way that Bing, Google and the other search engines understand what your content is about, and validate your website. Experts at iBridge have built effective link building strategies over the years for many satisfied clients and today we will discuss few strategies in detail. Let’s dive into more details about the strategies that work for effective long building.

Data & Research for link building

This is an effective link building method that works 70% of the time. The value of data and research in the current digital landscape is understated. We know that content is everything but there is no content more valuable than current and content relevant to present times. How can you use data & research for link building? Start with a topic you know your audience finds valuable. Then conduct independent research and compile your findings. The more representative your research is of an entire niche or industry, the more valuable it is. Your research won’t earn you any links if nobody knows about it. Spruce up your research with some design elements, such as graphs and charts, and share it with the world. Use your research to create a series of blog posts, podcasts, videos, and any other content you can think of. If you understand your target audience and picked a topic that is guaranteed to keep them engaged, then you did a good job.

Sharing Content on Social Media

Link building through social media proved to be the most popular method of link building especially around our times. Use social listening tools to find your audience on social media. Find which platforms earn your brand mentions and focus your attention on those platforms first. Look for signs of engagement, such as shares, likes, and comments and ideate similar topics that will engage your audience. Create content tailored to your audience’s interests. Publish your content and if you have done your homework, your audience will likely help you promote it. Think about the time of publication based upon your audience’s social habits and build a posting schedule based on that. If you tweeted your content, retweet it regularly over the next week. You may attract some interested audience who missed your content the first time around.

Link Building with Videos

66% of SEOs found link building with videos to be effective. Many experts have seen a lot of success in self-hosting videos on their website and/or sharing them on their social media pages. Share and promote any self-hosted videos on social media. Reclaim some of the links YouTube’s earned for your content. Log in to YouTube analytics> Traffic Sources. Find sites that have embedded your video and reach out to them, requesting that they include a link to your website. Run your YouTube URLs through backlink checking software. Find websites that have linked to your video and ask them to include a link to your company too.


Visual content and infographics can be vital to build your brand and get backlinks. People out there are looking for informative content in a visually attractive representation.  Once you have created your infographic and ready to publish, the next thing you should do is make an HTML code snippet for embedding the infographic on a web page and making the image link to your site. From there, you have two courses of action by which you can proceed to earn your backlinks. Offer the infographic to bloggers in your niche or submit it to infographic sharing websites.

Outsourcing the work

There are people who get the link-building on their first try and develop some type of linkable content that virally gets links from all sorts of places. That usually does not happen with most of us. In that case, you can hire a firm that will do the work for you from creating strategies, to finding opportunities, to reaching out and developing the links. Hiring an outside agency makes sense when your company is mature enough that you’re also hiring outside help for business services. When hiring an agency, you should check the agency’s references and ask them about the process and see if it matches up with what you have been told, or with what’s worked for you so far.

Broken link building

You track the resource pages in your industry and check for broken links using tools and make a list of the broken links on these pages. You can now reach out to the page owners with the list of broken links that need to be fixed along with the links to useful resources on your website can be linked to. Most websites have hundreds, if not thousands, of links. For whatever reason, these links can easily break and stop working. Most website owners don’t realise this when it happens, and it can break their user experience, reputation, and SEO. Broken link building is the tactic used to acquire 15 links in 1 day with a 15% conversion rate. It really is one of the most under utilised link building strategies.


It’s all about sending the right emails to the right people. Once you have found the right person to contact, you need to craft a well thought-out pitch. You need to make your email about the recipient, not you. Take some time to think about whom you’re contacting and ask yourself “is this blog relevant?” Start commenting on their blog, engaging with them on social media and it will make a huge difference. Show that you know who you’re talking to and you’re more likely to get a response. Keep your emails on point and get people know what you are asking them to do. Frame your offer in a way that they can’t refuse. A dash of traditional link building and earning links through quality content can fetch you the best of both worlds. With this approach, you can stay comfortably within budget while reliably building your authority. Backlinks are just one among hundreds of ranking signals useful for things such as lead gen, brand awareness, and audience growth. Hope these techniques can prove handy to generate good quality backlinks for your website. iBridge Techsoft Pvt Ltd is a Growing Hyderabad-Based Team of Unique Individuals, Experts at Digital Design, Internet Marketing, Lead Generation and more. In case you want to know what kind of methods work well for you just get in touch with us.
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