Social media marketing stepts to be taken while handling political Campaigns 2019


Social media marketing stepts to be taken while handling political Campaigns 2019

Nowadays people are more digitally savvy and when it comes to political campaigns it is no different. People expect strategic skills, creative content and innovative engagement from the political campaign. iBridge Techsoft Pvt Ltd works with a team of specialists with extensive experience in a variety of industries, who provide strategic support for clients. Whether you’re running for local candidacy, a state seat or national election, these listed social media marketing strategies apply to every campaign.

Establishing a presence:


A political candidate looking to make an impact needs to be present and active across each major social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When you hire a team of experienced professionals to deal with social media marketing they usually handle and maintain an impressive personalizes account that resonates with the political party ideals. The behind the scenes of political campaigns must be organised, with every Tweet, Instagram post or blog post delivering unified, controlled message. A social presence that lacks personality and substance can be a campaign deal-breaker. So, it’s best to leave the job to the experts who deal with such campaigns on professional level.

Establish strategy & a contingency plan:

The entire campaign team must adhere to a unified strategy. Develop and implement a plan that outlines goals, social strategy and tactics before launching. Having a firm strategy in place will help mitigate errors and empower campaign team members to make decisions knowing that they’re staying on-message no matter how fast they’re moving on social. In order to think digitally and to raise digital quotient, political campaign teams must be agile and adaptable. They must understand the risks inherent in using social media and how to reach digitally plugged-in voters without compromising brand image.The team must develop a plan for escalation and empower the right people to make decisions if anything goes unplanned or simple errors made during the campaign. Depending on the severity of the mistake, someone else involved in the campaign must be notified to take action. Team needs to thoroughly discuss to make sure you are ready to handle potential errors and think on your feet.

Striking the right audience with the right  medium:

Identify and understand each dioramic of voters, young voters, middle-aged voters, men, women, senior citizens, informed and educated individuals.The content you share should cater to and engage this wide spectrum of supporters, taking into consideration where each demographic is active online. Today’s young voters have never lived in a world without the internet and they depend on digital content to educate themselves on issues. Candidates that invest in a new audience and new ways to reach them has always an upper hand. video is statistically one of the most engaging forms of content to publish. 3 out of 4 consumers share brand video content on social, and social marketers are well aware of videos importance. 65% of social marketers have a dedicated video producer or graphic designer as additional resource. Invest in and value the power you can leverage with this sometimes underestimated medium.

Data driven posts:


Electoral candidates must decide their position on key issues, especially the ones that matter to the voters maintain the stance through the campaign. This must reflect in the social media posts across all mediums. The message needs to be clear and focus on resolving their main issues. Perfect content should start with data. Translating this data and creativity to present the message gives the best results. People also love content that is personal and relatable. Posting some content about your personal experiences in reaching to the people is an effective way to connect with your audience.

Analyse and monitor:

Online campaigning has usually huge volumes of feedback, especially data on how different messages and pieces of content are performing. Monitor and analyse the progress of your digital marketing campaign. Then, improve your campaign with intelligent data generated by your campaign. Listen to your audience, connect with them and forge personal rapport and respond honestly to their questions and comments. In addition to tracking stats like your followers and message counts across platforms, you may also want to dig into what types of things people have to say about your campaign.
Social media platforms enable not only peer-to-peer discussion, but huge numbers of members, sharing endless data every single day. Undoubtedly, your voter base is online and connected to online communities. Therefore, if you want to win, you must have an impactful social media presence. A successful social media campaign does require expertise. A good social media marketing agency will know how to make the most of these platforms. iBridge Techsoft Pvt Ltd is an integrated marketing, business intelligence and data analysis agency, offering a gamut of services for small and medium sized companies online, direct mail and email marketing and advertising, website development, search engine optimisation, consulting and data analysis services. To get in touch with us, fill up the form here.

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