3 Simple Steps To Ace Affiliate Marketing In 2019

3 Simple Steps To Ace Affiliate Marketing In 2019

Affiliate marketing gives complete flexibility of schedule for work routine. All you need is a laptop or a desktop and a decent internet connection. 2019 has changed so many things for so many fields and Affiliate marketing is one of them. It was easier back in the day and now it has become dynamic and ever-evolving. Affiliate marketing back in the day was a way of selling nutritional supplements and now a serious digital marketing strategy for companies across the globe. iBridge has always focused on strategies that increase business leads and sales for various clients and a leading marketing service provider in Hyderabad. We understand your needs as well as your customers and hence, our experts today will help you understand what’s in store for successful affiliate marketing in 2019.

Know your competition and focus on your Content

Check the severity of our niches’ competition and use rank trackers to update the stats and check the average keyword difficulty value across all the keywords in the group. High-quality content is essential for good marketing strategy. It helps educating and converting visitors for affiliate websites, so you need to optimize the content on your website. It can either be done by creating fresh content or updating your existing content, or both. Use your shortlisted keywords to think of content ideas. These keywords have a high search volume, so you know that people are searching for content related to them. So when you create content optimized with these keywords, you’ll gain search visibility and the content is what your audience needs, so they will flow to your website. You can also update your existing content with new and relevant keywords. Content shouldn’t be too promotional but instead, it needs to be informative.

SEO & Building Backlinks

A good SEO strategy is all about content with keyword research. Long-Tail Keywords, keywords usually with 3-7 individual words in a phrase are highly targeted and easier to rank than broad keywords. The lower your domain authority, the less competitive your keywords should be. longer the posts in your website or blog, the higher it will rank, since you are covering the topic extensively which gives your post substance and people are more likely to give you a share/link. It increases average time on page + average time on the site, which Google measures. Add an HTML table of contents to posts to make sure they are long and structured. This will better chance of getting “jump to links” in Google, increased average time on page, decreased bounce rates, and it makes it easier for readers to navigate through your content. Consider writing a review of your affiliate’s product/service and linking to that post to reduce the amount of affiliate links on your site. Write an affiliate disclaimer in the beginning of your post and simply ask people to click on it to reduce affiliate links on your site.

Avoid doing the following:

  • Avoid short pages with less substance
  • Don’t list affiliate products first
  • Don’t overuse affiliate links in your posts
  • Avoid too many list posts with affiliate products

Building high quality backlinks can improve search rankings. So align your link-building strategies with your affiliate marketing through backlinks from relevant sites. Try guest posting which will help you tap into the established audience which in turn will drive high-quality traffic to your site. While guest posting, plan your approach first. Submit guest posts just for the sake of getting backlinks is an age old strategy that most reputable sites don’t allow. Your guest posts should be of exceptional quality in terms of writing, readability, and information which will engage relevant audience and later direct them to your site.


Build Your Community

A successful affiliate marketer always focuses on developing their community. The affiliate marketing just doesn’t involve affiliate promotion and sales. The consumer has their mind and keen sense of observation. If you just focus on sales and profits that would seem more like a sales pitch which is clearly not a good option to go with. Instead, focus on building a good relation with the audience by helping them solve their problems, and developing healthy relations. Building an email list is the best way to build trust with your audience. That way you can better educate your subscribers about the products you promote. Only promote the best earning affiliate products if you want to get more out of it. Respond To Comments on your site is also a very big part of affiliate marketing. Allow readers to ask you questions and leave their feedback. This will affect the ranking factor and encourage even more people to leave more comments. Build your Newsletter, simple sidebar widget on your blog is a great start. Always remember,  information first, affiliate sales after. Encourage them to leave reviews about your affiliate product/service which will keep them involved with you.


Decent amount of traffic from search engines will Make your affiliate marketing easy. Focus on using a lot of both informational keywords and commercial intent keywords to increase your organic traffic and sales. So make sure to spend quality time on keyword research. Doing SEO for an affiliate site becomes easy if you have access to the right tools. iBridge has used affiliate friendly tools for various clients, if you want to get the most out of affiliate marketing, get in touch with us here.

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